Belmix Mixers

Mixing solutions

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Belmix continuous mixers have been used at a number of airports including:

Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong, Airport Works Joint Venture, Three CM300's for crushed aggregate sub base (CASB) and leanmix concrete for runway, taxiways and apron works 

Dar es Salaam International Airport, Tanzania. Noremco AS, CM150 for taxiway sub-base.

East Midlands Airport, UK, Sitebatch (Contracting) Ltd, CM150 for mixing CBM1 for runway extension.

Maseru International Airport, Lesotho, Kier International, CM80 for Cement bound material (CBM) for runway and taxiways

Mount Pleasant Airport, Falkland Islands, Ministry of Defence, CM20 for miscellaneous concrete works.

Stanley Airport, Falkland Islands, Falkland Islands Public Works Dept. CM80 for runway construction.


Bitumen Sprayers

If you're laying Leanmix concrete or CBM, you'll need one of these:

Belspray bitumen sprayer

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