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EB50 Recycling mixer


Belmix EB50

The Belmix EB50 mixer is used for recycling trench arisings. It conforms to the UK HAUC act. It can be used at the job site or in the recycling yard.

The Belmix EB50 mixer can be used with Lime, PFA, SMR, Ecobase and other hydraulic binders.

The unit comprises:

  • Live head and horizontal screen
  • Belmix EB50 breaker to reduce the oversize lumps.
  • Belmix CM20 continuus mixer
  • 0.7 cu.m powder hopper and feeder
  • Feed hopper for recycled material
  • 7m discharge conveyor with hydraulic raise/lower and folding
  • Weighing system for aggregate and powder
  • Operator console and batch printer
  • 40 kVA generator

The unit is skid mounted for fitting onto a suitable grab equipped flat bed lorry.

The hydraulics require a 10 l/m supply from the host lorry.


  • Hydraulic power pack so that the unit is completely self contained.
  • Water pump and flowmeter for adding water to the mix. This requires an IBC or other tank for the water. (not required for SMR)
  • Additive supply. Liquid additive system, required for some mix designs. (not required for SMR)
  • Mounting subframe. Complete with non-slip deck, access ladders and handrails This enables the mixer to be mounted on a bare chassis.
  • Hydraulic pump and larger generator to power the lorry miunted grab.



Bitumen Sprayers

If you're laying Leanmix concrete or CBM, you'll need one of these:

Belspray bitumen sprayer

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