Belmix Mixers

Mixing solutions

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Continuous mixer CM150


The Belmix CM150 Continuous Mixing plant is designed for mixing four aggregates with bulk cement and water and mixing at a rate of up to 150 m3 per hour to meet specifications for quality concrete and other cement-bound materials. All materials are metred by weight. The mixer is intended for use with materials screened to reject stones over 40mm size.

The plant comprises:

  • One or more aggregate feed hoppers - These are usually fitted with continuous belt weighing systems
  • Cement (or other powder) feed hopper. This is fitted with a loss in weight weighing system
  • Water system with flowmeter
  • Belmix continuous pugmill mixer
  • Controls; either manual or fully automatic
  • Air conditioned operator cabin.
Belmix CM150 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
CM150 in Ireland

Bitumen Sprayers

If you're laying Leanmix concrete or CBM, you'll need one of these:

Belspray bitumen sprayer